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The Groom’s Wedding Day Prep Guide




Everyone knows that the getting ready part of the wedding day is so important to a bride, but it is just as important for the groom! This is one of the most memorable days of your life and it is essential that you are prepared so that you can feel relaxed and happy, which will set the tone for the rest of your big day.

This is a time in your life where you will likely be photographed the most and your day will be documented  forever. 

Here are some tips to prepare you for looking and feeling your best.

The Moments Leading up to Your Wedding Day

Your hair.  Two weeks before your wedding day, see your barber for a final trim and make sure you let your barber know that your wedding is in two weeks so that he or she will only take off enough hair to allow for ideal growth up until the big day.

Your mug.  If you are not going to do a clean shave the day of your wedding, make note and plan out in advance the timing of your desired facial hair growth.

Tame those brows!  This should be done a few days before. No need to go crazy here.  Remember that your face is going to show up in a lot in photos, just a few tweaks removing the strays will do the trick. Don’t forget to check the nose and ears too.

Pay attention to your hands.  Your hands will also be the focal point of some important wedding day images.  You don’t need to go full blown manicure, especially if your hands are working hands, just be sure to trim and clean your nails and use some hand cream for several days prior in order to alleviate dryness and rough skin.

Practice Meditation.  The time before, and the day of, your wedding can be stressful.  Meditation is a great tool to help calm your nerves.  You can actually do it anywhere and it doesn’t take a lot of time.  Try these apps: and Headspace.  All three give you access to great sessions and are short so you can easily fit them into your day.

Day of Tips

Plan an activity to do early in the day.  If your wedding is later in the day, get your groomsmen together in the morning and do something active.  Just don’t decide that now is the time you want to be adventurous and try white water rafting the first time.  You want to avoid ending up at the alter on crutches, or worse, not showing up at all!  Activities like golf and fishing are a far safer choice for this day (unless you forget to bring sunscreen!).

Another idea is to plan breakfast or lunch with the guys.  Go to one of your favorite hangouts, try a fun local place in the area you are staying, or eat in.   It’s important to fuel up early on because it will be easy to forget to eat as you get busy later on in the day.

Getting pampered is an excellent way to ease away tension and stress.  Plan a massage or a hot towel shave to get you feeling and looking your best.  If you are going as a group, be sure to call ahead for availability.

Assemble a wedding day kit.  You’re going to get up close and personal with a lot of people between hand shakes, hugs and one very special kiss!  Make sure to bring with you some essentials including mouthwash, breath mints, lip balm, hand cream, water and light snacks; and don’t forget sun screen, especially if your ceremony, formal portraits and other events will be held outdoors.

Preparing for your photographer.  Gather all your accessories in one place.   Include items such as watch, cuff links, shoes, tie, sunglasses, groomsmen gifts, sentimental pieces, etc and put them in a pile so the detail shots can be photographed as soon as your photographer arrives.

Once the detail shots are completed, everyone should be almost ready at this point.  The getting ready/getting dressed shots will begin as soon as you put your dress shirt.  Other shots of you putting on your jacket, tie and other accessories will follow.  Close family members and the best man are encouraged to be a part of these photos as well.  The area in front of a large window is ideal for photographing the getting ready shots, so try to remember to keep that area free from clutter for a nice clean background.

After everyone is completely dressed and ready, more photos can be taken in an around the getting ready area. This is a great opportunity get shots of you alone as well as some  interesting, fun and candid shots of you with the guys hanging out while capturing real and authentic moments of this part of your day.   Your wedding day timeline will be planned out in advance with your photographer in order to allocate time for these photos.

Final Tip

Have fun!  This is going to be one of the best days of your life!



  1. Yes! Awesome Tips Lisa! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Lisa McNeill says:

    Thanks so much Alex!

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