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How to Invest in the Right Photographer for Your Wedding Day


Wedding Planning

Your wedding day is a big deal in so many ways! You’ve found the love of your life, made all the plans and invited those people nearest and dearest to you. Now you have to find a wedding photographer to capture this never-to-be-repeated day. Where in the heck do you start?!

Start By Checking Out Their Work

Luckily, checking out a photographer’s work is super easy, thanks to websites and social media platforms. Start by finding out what you like. You can worry about their pricing and packages once you start to narrow it down. While that stuff is important, you first want to be sure you like their style!

If you can’t put a name to it, it’s perfectly fine. All photographers have a different style and we just need to know that you like what we do! Compile a list of photographers, get in touch with them and find out more about their services. If you mesh with them, as well as their price and products, make an appointment to talk to them, or better yet, meet with them!

Meet With Your Prospective Photographers

Along with liking your photographer’s work, you need to like them! Of all of the vendors you work with, you will spend the most time with your photographer. Make sure they are fun to be around and really seem to enjoy their work!

Besides talking about photos you like, you also want to find out about the photographer’s business practices.

wedding photographer

Always Be Prepared for Anything

I’m stealing a little bit from the Boy Scouts here, but it really is important that your photographer is prepared for your wedding, and by that, I mean prepared for anything that could go wrong. Ask them what they do to be prepared on your wedding day. Don’t be afraid to ask too!

Even on a day that is as special as a wedding day, things can go wrong. I make it a practice to make sure I know where I am going on a wedding day, that I give myself plenty of time to arrive at the wedding, and I even go so far as to make sure I have everything I need if I get a dead battery or flat tire on the way. Knowing how to change a tire is a life skill for a photographer as far as I am concerned!

Plan B

A photographer is one of the vendors you have that must, must have a “Plan B” for any of the scenarios when things go wrong. At any time, I have multiple camera bodies, lenses, flashes, and backups of everything in the case of equipment failure.

A good photographer is not bothered when you ask them about backup! Along with camera and equipment backup, I also have a network of backup photographers that can jump in at a moments notice in the event that I absolutely could not be at your wedding.

Ask EVERY photographer you meet with what their “Plan Bs” are. If they avoid the question or don’t have an answer, please pass on working with them. Professionals use backup systems.

Speaking of Backup

Digital cameras are awesome, but they require an awesome backup system for the files. All the photos taken at your wedding are priceless memories, and keeping them safe is one of my top priorities. 

All of the photos I take at every wedding are duplicated and backed up in several locations, and any pro should be able to tell you exactly how they back up their photos.

Professional, Trustworthy, Reliable

I love being a wedding photographer, and it’s important to me that my clients feel like they made the right choice when they hire me.  It really is a partnership!

One of the ways that I partner with my clients is by helping them with a custom timeline for their wedding, and many of my clients tell me what peace of mind that gave them. You will feel so much relief that no detail will be missed just by having this timeline. And relaxed clients take happier photos!

wedding photographer

Looking for a New England Wedding Photographer?

If you’re getting married and looking for a photographer in Massachusetts or anywhere around New England, I’d love to talk with you. Let’s chat or meet over some coffee (or a glass of wine!) and tell me about your wedding.  I’d love to work with you and create some beautiful art for you.

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